Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Lj meme

From beerwulf:

Post in your journal how you found out about livejournal, how/why you got one for yourself and, if you like, explain the expansion of your friends list (if applicable).

The majority of the immortals on Feudal Realms at the time (melopene, adrineous, nateaintemo, terloch, vasjendas) had their own livejournals, so I was first introduced to it that way. I think terloch was the one who actually gave me the code.

progress found me via my Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence quiz I made. I think digitaldraco found me that way too.

I later added a few more Feudal people: cpiseco, kenthar, lavitz_lions, vivinus, demando, misere, rothwyn, polarbear3010, and chocolatepimp.

Oh, and I created sathiel as a journal for my character, which I haven’t updated in ages. I think I will turn it into a journal for character development, etc. as I write my novel.. whenever I get around to writing my novel again.

Um.. hm... I think arima_goku found me. I found nighttripper and mechanical02 through my community not_like_them. I think I found reverie_shadow from searching through various random livejournals or interests that I found interesting. The same for perfectflaw.

I found thesparrowhawk, ques_nova, and neversremedy through otherkin. And ques_nova led me to angelmetatron and kainiji.

I found mindwideopen through avoidants. I think digitalbabe7 found me through avoidants or imstillhere.

I found xxdiedxtryingxx through drowningsorrow.

I found crisco747 through ljmatch actually I think. We seemed to have alot in common. :)

beerwulf found me through typefours. I think fl0werchylde and fairyflame found me through there too? Hm.. and I think I found spindoll through there too.

And.. I think that’s everyone. I think. The others are just alternate journals of people who were already on my friends list.

Hm.. I suppose I should do some editing of my friends list, since alot of these people don’t post anymore, hehe. And, hm, some more people added me. I suppose I should.. um, something. Yes.

And a lj survey:

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