Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,


The Avs played their first game today. They lost though. *pout* 4-3. They were behind by a goal three times but kept tying it. But, alas, they could not make a final comeback. It’s still good to see hockey again though. :) And next they play Dallas, the team which Martin Skoula got traded to. Mm.. Martin Skoula...

I watched the Flyers/Rangers game earlier too. It’s so weird seeing Peter Forsberg in another uniform... But at least we still get to see him play in the NHL. The game was actually more exciting than the Avs game, methinks. There were three 5-on-3 power plays, and a penalty shot. And a rookie got his first NHL goal in his first game, hehe. It’s weird.. rookies are now younger than me... Also, while sitting in the penalty box, Keith Primeau nicely explained to a fan why he got the penalty, hehe. Aren’t hockey players great?

In acting today, we performed our monologues again, and my classmates said I was good, that I had alot of potential. I just need to work on speaking loud enough and gaining confidence. My teacher says I’m really good, I just have to tell myself that. Hopefully such compliments will help my confidence some. It has me thinking that hey, maybe I can go somewhere with this... I would really like to be able to live my dreams, though it seems so weird thinking of them as actually becoming reality. I can just imagine how ecstatic I would be if I actually did land a role I’ve been picturing myself in for so long.

Lost: This show keeps getting curiouser and curiouser... In the words of Locke, “We’re gonna have to watch that again.”

And, out of curiosity, I looked up journals that list Tuomas Holopainen as an interest. And.. wow. Lol... This is the first I’ve ever seen x-rated fanfic about bands... I’d best stay away from there for my own sake. *snicker* But, mm.. naked Tuomas... Eep. *stops self*
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