Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Something my therapist told me...

When you feel diminished, ask yourself what you were thinking just then. Very often, these thoughts will be irrational. And if you can recognize these irrational thoughts, then you can try to challenge them.

I think that has been a big help so far in changing how I feel about myself and getting myself to do things that I feel anxious about. Now I just need to work on changing all of these irrational thoughts that still remain. I have to pretty much tell myself that no one else is any better or has any more of a clue of what they’re doing than I do. Much of my hesitations come from thinking that I have to feel 100% comfortable and confident about something before I can do it. But sometimes you just have to give it a try, you know? And it’s okay if things don’t work out as perfectly as you would have liked them to. At least you did it, and aren’t still sitting there, thinking about doing it. We will never get anywhere if we constantly wait until we feel perfectly ready. Because we’ll never feel that way. Sometimes we just have to jump in.
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