Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

With all the music I want to get, I wonder if it wouldn’t be more practical to buy an mp3 player and download music. Of course, I’m completely clueless about that sort of thing. I’ve yet to jump into the new age of music listening. And I can’t listen to music on my laptop. Well, I can, but it sounds like crap. If I just want to get an idea of what a song/band sounds like, then it’s fine. But for everyday listening? It’d drive me nuts. *snicker*

I just watched Nightwish’s Wish I Had an Angel video, and I can see what my little brother was saying about Marco. He said he likes Marco cause he’s all evil and creepy when he’s singing in the video. And it’s true! He’s scary! Lol. Like he’s going to bite your head off. *snicker*

Just look:

Oh yes, he’s evil. Just wait.
Ahh, evil viking guy is going to eat me!
Evil, demonic bass player!
Grr, I’m creepy.
Oh no, what’s that behind you?
Whee, playing bass is fun!
Okay, that one wasn’t scary, so I’ll stare evilly into the camera.

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