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Argoth sits on a plush purple velvet couch.
Argoth stretches luxuriously. Kinda makes you want to doesn't it!?
Argoth says, 'I need to get me one of these towers'

You ask, 'Want a trans back to town?'
You snicker softly.
Argoth says, 'no, its quiet here'

Why doesn't anyone ever want to leave my room...?

In other news... My mom is trying to set me up with someone that she works with. (She volunteers to help raise money for the HS band.) "He looks like a young Peter Forsberg." And she showed him a couple of my pictures today, to which he replied, "Wow, she's really pretty..." *snickers to herself* But, he is just as shy as me, so.. that could be a little hard... Oh well, shy guys are cute. *grin*
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