Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Characters' personality types

I thought I would list out my characters’ personality types, via the enneagram and Myers-Briggs. Some of these I had to really ponder over. Alot have changed from what I originally typed them as, after doing more research. I’d settled on Sathiel’s and Dionae’s types though, and 6w5 sounds alot like Aleksey. Celidie, I am still not positive about, but I’m narrowing it down at least. I included Dominion here too, although he isn’t a character I actually played; he’s Dionae’s twin brother who was killed ages ago, and who she still hopes to resurrect. They’re nearly exact opposites though, so it’s interesting to compare them.

Sathiel - definite 8w7, probably social variant, ESFP?
Aleksey - 6w5, phobic methinks, ISFJ, social most likely
Celidie - 8w9?, sexual variant maybe, ISFP?
Dionae - definite 7w6, sexual variant, ENFP; she has such a strong personality, it’s easy to tell, hehe
Dominion - likely a 5, though he has some 8 qualities as well, exact opposite of Dionae - ISTJ
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