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14 April 2002 @ 06:28 am
This is.. me...  
Personality Type Four: The Artist
The sensitive, withdrawn type: intuitive, individualistic, self-absorbed, and depressive

Personality type Four is the type in the Feeling Triad that underexpresses its feelings. Fours find their feelings difficult to express because they are powerful, mixed with sexual and forbidden elements, often including hostile thoughts about themselves and others. Because their feelings can be shameful, chaotic, and "dangerous", average to unhealthy Fours have learned to keep their feelings to themselves, partly so that they can sort them out, and partly to spare themselves from humiliation or punishment if they were to reveal how they actually feel. But as they continue to turn their feelings inward, average to unhealthy Fours become painfully self-conscious and emotionally vulnerable and suffer many far-ranging practical negative consequences in their lives and relationships. Some of the major behavioral characteristics of Fours are the following.

Healthy: Fours are self-aware, introspective, emotionally strong, aware of feelings and inner impulses. Intuitive and sensitive both to self and others: gentle, tactful, compassionate. Ironic view of life and self: can be serious and funny, finding humor in their own foibles. Highly personal, individualistic, true to self, self-revealing, emotionally honest, and humane. At their best: Profoundly creative, expressing the personal and the universal, possibly in art. Inspired, self-renewing, and regenerative: able to transform all their experiences into something valuable for others as well.

Average: They take an artistic, aesthetic, romantic orientation to life, expressing personal feelings through something beautiful. Reinforce their sense of self through fantasy and the imagination. To stay in touch with feelings, they interiorize everything, taking everything personally, becoming self-absorbed, introverted, and moody. Also become hypersensitive, shy, and very self-conscious, unable to be spontaneous or to get outside themselves. They remain socially withdrawn to protect the vulnerable self and to sort out their mixed, increasingly negative feelings. They gradually feel different from others and therefore exempt from living as others do. Self-pity leads to self-indulgence, to becoming melancholic dreamers, disdainful, decadent and sensual, living in a fantasy world that repels any kind of pressure or intrusion. Increasingly temperamental, impractical, unproductive, effete, and petulant.

Unhealthy: When their dreams and expectations fail, they become angry at themselves: self-inhibited, depressed, alienated, incapacitated, blocked, and emotionally paralyzed. Ashamed of self, fatigued, and unable to function. Tormented by delusional self-contempt, self-hatred, and morbid thoughts: everything adds to their self-reproach. They despair, feel hopeless, and become self-destructive, possibly abusing alcohol or drugs to escape. In the extreme, crimes of passion or suicide are the likely forms of pathology.

Key Motivations: Want to be themselves, to express themselves in something beautiful, to find the ideal partner, to withdraw to protect their feelings, to take care of emotional needs before attending to anything else.
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(Anonymous) on April 16th, 2002 04:35 pm (UTC)

Reading that, I've realized a few things about myself and you. Fortunately, I understand that every personality trait listed under the "Type Four" wasn't me, fortunately I do enough of that self-realization on my own to distinguish which was me, and which wasn't, and I think you do as well. Don't go thinking that just because most of what that test said pertained to you means that all of it does. You know who you are, you know how you act and react, you don't need a test result to tell you this, confirmation is wonderful, but pressure and encouragement isn't what it's there for.

Well, a lot of it sounded like me, sounded like you, but the whole thing wasn't us. Thank you for writing it up, I wont be bugging you for it anymore, but I'd still be interested in the "five wing and high six", was that it? I don't really remember, I apologize..

Don't think I need any closing signature, I'm sure you know who I am. If not, look at the icon's face, Angel.