Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Thinking about working on my faerie story again. (But first must finish Stareleon.) Not sure if I am going to try to include it in my Therath story, or just break it off into a story of its own. Although, there are some things I do still want to include... Hm. Must figure out the whole Therath story. Drew a sketch of Niko, my dark faerie. Better proportion and whatnot, though some things are still a bit off. I think I try to finish drawings too quickly. I really want to be able to draw what’s inside my head. This was kind of just a sketch with nothing particular in mind. But when I do have an idea, it never seems to come out right. I do great if I can see what I am drawing right in front of me, but trying to imagine exactly what it looks like and getting it to look that way is hard. Also must work on drawing backgrounds, and color. And.. first I must do a master copy of a figure. I found a drawing by Raphael. Must work on that. Yes.
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