Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

The year in review

January: Went to my first real party on New Year’s Eve, started classes at RRCC

February: Brother moved out, starting going out with crisco747 :)

March: Quit Feudal Realms

April: Pope John Paul II died, Thomen left Blind Guardian, I got “adventurous”

May: I finished the portrait for my parents’ 25th anniversary just in time, performed a short scene before a large audience

June: Sang solo in front of people for the first time, had my first car “accident”, Feudal Realms shut down

July: My brother and his girlfriend bought Harrison and got evicted from their apartment, had a get-together of my mom’s family, I turned 21!, went to the renaissance festival, Andy moved back in, Andy and Nikki broke up, took Harrison to the Dumb Friends’ League

August: Nikki left Chewy with us, Peter Forsberg and Adam Foote signed with other teams *sniff*, but the Avs signed Pierre Turgeon, and Blind Guardian got a new drummer, learned that Nikki had been lying to Andy for a long time, ended up keeping Chewy for good, I started playing violin again, I taught violin lessons briefly, Hurricane Katrina hit the gulf coast

September: We got high-speed internet - yea!, noted that I’m feeling much better emotionally, got Lost on dvd - yea!, and the new season of Lost started!

October: Hockey!, Tarja parted ways with Nightwish

November: I went in for a job interview at Kohl’s - didn’t get the job though *pout*, internet connection ran amok, had Thanksgiving dinner with both my boy’s family and mine

December: Updated my user info finally, celebrated Christmas with both my boy’s family and mine too, made out at midnight on New Year’s Eve for the first time :)
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