Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

I got my hair cut yesterday, for like the first time in two years. It looks all smexy now. *grin* I actually somewhat conversed with the girl who was cutting my hair. My mom had to do most of the talking at the counter though. I sort of conversed with the dentist a little while ago, too. See, I’m getting better. I still must figure out this whole asking questions back thing though. But, I remember when I could barely talk with my therapist, and now I’m actually putting in my own input about things without her prompting me. Oh dear, I remember as a kid, during confession, the priest would have to ask me if I was sorry for this sin, or this sin, because I was too shy to say anything. Silly girl. It is somewhat strange discovering basic conversation skills at age 21... But at least I’m improving.
Tags: introversion, socializing

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