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20 January 2006 @ 01:19 am
Poor Alley. My brother’s kitty lives down in the basement, cause my mom doesn’t want her tearing stuff up or climbing on counters up here. My brother has been spending less and less time downstairs, though. And he recently got sick, which makes his allergies ten times worse, so he’s been sleeping upstairs on the couch, too. So kitty has been spending the majority of the time all by herself. I go down to check on her occasionally, and she just rubs up against me and purrs and demands to be pet. Tonight, I could hear her meowing, and I decided I’d spend a little more time down with her, so I brought down one of the books I just bought for acting class so I could sit and read and keep her company. She greeted me with meows, and I greeted her with pets, and I filled up her food and water bowls which were empty. Then I sat down on the couch to read. And, after getting something to eat, she came up next to me and I pet her some more. And after a little bit, she curled up on the couch by my feet. She would intermittently come up next to my face and look at me, and I’d pet her some more. This is probably the most affectionate she’s ever been, cause she’ll usually go off and lay in the corner after receiving her share of pets, but she stayed right by me almost the entire time. Considering when they first moved in, she didn’t even want to be touched (although she would play hide and seek and other games when in the mood), she’s warmed up to me a whole lot. And, when I’d finished my book and got up to go back upstairs, she followed me and rubbed up against me. Aww... So I pet her some more. *snicker* Poor kitty. But, she at last resigned herself to the fact that I was leaving, and I was able to go back upstairs. But she really must be lonely. :( My brother needs to take care of his kitty. *nods*