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Argoth says oocly, 'its all part of the grand scheme - I'm brilliant in my own mind.'
Aaryn says oocly, 'In your own mind, yeah.'
You snicker softly.
Aaryn tells you '-Snicker-'
You tell Aaryn 'hehe'

Argoth says oocly, 'Everyone is Legendary in their Own Mind'
Argoth says oocly, 'and Argoth is by far the most Legendary of them all :)'
Aaryn says oocly, 'Heh.....Ok.'
Argoth says oocly, 'and will lead the largest impact of them all :)'
You grin playfully.
Aaryn tells you 'I think I'm just going to smile, nod, and walk backward slowly.'

You tell Aaryn 'It does sound so much like listening to an evil plan, hehe'
You tell Aaryn 'But.. it always ends up that the heroes escape and foil it..'
Aaryn tells you 'Its an evil plan that's going to fail because he's explaining everything'
You tell Aaryn 'hehe'

We love making fun of Argoth behind his back as he reveals his evil plans to the world...
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