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21 January 2006 @ 06:23 pm
Memorization seems to be going well. Yea. :) Am feeling less worried about it now. I think I will call to set an appointment for auditions on Monday. May actually have a fairly good shot at getting a part. But I won’t let myself get disappointed if I don’t get in. Hm.. I must keep searching for scenes to do in class. And I should start reading some full plays, too. Plus, I must work on my writings, both stories and personal. And my Children’s Lit class starts on Monday; I’m taking it online. Maybe that will inspire me, hehe. Should keep looking up publishers for fantasy short stories, too. And maybe I can send in my Dionae story sometime soon.

I thought about creating my own real website, too. I was dreaming about breaking into acting and being a model and actress, and having my own site, with my stories and drawings on there, too. And I thought about looking into talent agencies around here. Maybe I should see what Breaking Into Acting for Dummies has to say. It will be nice when I actually have some things to put on my resume. But I am moving closer, yes?
The Other Grendel Slayer: pawprintbeerwulf on January 23rd, 2006 10:16 am (UTC)
Yes. :)