March 30th, 2003

Girl with flower

Forget Me Not...

"Somewhere, in the heart of Kirganthis, a soul ached. Somewhere, a fair maiden took her last breath. Somewhere, her face, her life, was remembered. Such pain had torn at that young woman's heart for all the years it had struggled to continue beating. Yet its long deserved rest was now at hand. No cry was heard as she closed her emerald green eyes for the final time. No tears were shed, as no one was there to witness her passing. She left this world just as she had entered it, as merely a whisper.

Few could tell whether her memory would live on. Perhaps she would exist only in the hearts and minds of those who mattered most. Yet whatever became of her existence in the current world made no difference in the end. For she had, at last, been freed from all the pain that had consumed her heart. She was, at last, at peace. And all the toils she had experienced dissipated as her soul was reborn. In this eternal happiness, she had no want, and only one desire, one message to her kin, which she knew would be fulfilled - May the Eagle fly high always..."

So, I've killed off a character... I didn't have the heart to write a farewell for Dionae before I deleted her. She just quietly faded away... Though I may decide to write up the story of her disappearance someday. And as much as I loved her, things with Aerydais never truly turned out the way I would have liked them to. I don't think I could continue to play in Tirome, and I don't think I could really continue to play Aerydais either. So she's gone...

I don't truly know all of the details of her demise. She was kidnapped however long ago in mud time. I would say a couple months, though considering how all my characters seem to be stuck in a time warp, it's probably to other people something like ten years. Who she was kidnapped by and the exact circumstances which led to her death.. well, I'll leave those up to your imagination.

The more I think about it, the more I realize how tragic her life was. Her mother died giving birth to her, her father and brothers were murdered, she was raped and beaten, her one love was killed. I think that Stephen's death truly sucked the remaining life from her. Poor Aery. Though I went through so many disappointments with her, she was still fun to play. I'll miss her...

There's a moment in life when all the years will pass by
And the eyes filled with tears we once shed
We recognize failures, the desperate cries
Of the ones who believed in our lies

Wherever I go, you'll be with me
My first thought and my last
Though we'll depart in bitterness
One day you'll understand

Carry on
Beloved maiden, mine
Carry on
Or we have to pay the price
Girl with flower

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I turned on the radio earlier and heard the intro of a song I knew but couldn't quite recognize. It took me a few seconds before I thought, "Wait a minute, this is Pull Me Under." I never hear Dream Theater on the radio. It was a pleasant way to start the day. *grin* Also, apparently Dream Theater will be touring with Queensryche this summer. I shall have to purchase tickets...