December 14th, 2005

Girl with flower

Thoughts on getting somewhere career-wise...

Still trying to figure out what to focus on and how to go about it...

I think acting is my main focus for now. I think. I’ll audition for the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at RRCC in the spring, and keep taking an acting class, and see where to go from there. I suppose I should look into an acting school or somesuch around here, or a way to get into local film, though theatre is an option, too.

And I still want to finish Stareleon and work on my other stories. I have all these stories to be told, but I lack the motivation or inspiration to sit down and write. Hm.. how to get myself to start writing consistently? I just thought of a new idea for a children’s book too, and this one is more of a picture book, so it should be easier to write. Maybe I can finish this and check up on how to submit it, and then finish up Stareleon while I at least have something out there. I’m kind of thinking of my little stories as a way to earn income while just getting started career-wise. And then, later on, I can write and re-edit my novels and submit those, too. Not sure if “writer” will end up being my main career, but I do want to put these stories out there for others to see.

I have talent musically, but I’m not sure what I want to do with it just yet. I am unsure if I want to pursue a music career right now, as I’ve seen the effort that my brother has put into it and how far he has gotten with it. Granted, he has gotten somewhere - he actually has a local fanbase and an ep and has been on the radio and has made some money anyway. But I’d be starting from scratch - I don’t even have a band, or friends to help form a band. I have a few partially finished songs, and a voice, and a violin that needs dusting off.

And again, it seems like, in all the areas of interest of mine, you have to be an expert in your field and heads above the rest in order to actually get somewhere with it. And I’m not an expert in anything. I’m just doing what I like and expressing myself however it comes out. It’s not professional, but is it at least good? Will I not look like an idiot if I put these things out there? I know I have talent, but I still feel so underqualified.. and I’m not sure where to go next.

Are there any schools around here for the arts, like including music and acting and writing? I think a fine-art focused school would be nice. I need to learn job-preparation for artists, so I can learn what steps to take to make it in the type of professions I am interested in. How does one break into these fields, and what all exactly do they need to know?


Things I would like to study:
- acting
- drawing
- singing
- voice
- violin
- music theory/writing music
- creative writing
- writing to be published
- playwriting
- psychology
- the occult/paranormal
- french
- folklore and mythology
- medieval history
- photography
- philosophy
- spirituality