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01 February 2006 @ 12:02 am
There are a bunch of pieces from an art show hanging in the hallways of the arts department at RRCC currently. There were a few I really liked. I like realistic artwork so much. One artist I like is James Faulkner. You can see some of his paintings here, mostly wildlife. You wouldn’t believe the detail in his paintings - such tiny little brush strokes. The little hairs, and the tree bark is so realistic. “No Respect” is one of the ones I saw. Veronica Herrera’s “The Cat’s Pajamas” won best in show. Oh-my-goodness-look-what-you-can-do-with-colored-pencil! The texture is what’s really neat. I have to learn how to use color like that, hehe.
Current Music: Nightwish - Walking in the Air