February 26th, 2006

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Well, my aunt died in her sleep with my cousins by her side. The funeral is on Thursday, and my dad will be flying out there early this week. It seems weird. We last saw them, hm.. summer 2004. That was right after Winni died. All my dad’s family went up to South Dakota and we had a reunion. It was neat, cause my grandma got to see her great-granddaughter. I kind of expected my grandma to go before anyone else. Again, this came up rather suddenly. Before now, the only family I’d lost was my grandpa, my dad’s dad, who died when I was year old, and my cousin on my mom’s side was stillborn. Yeah, the one death that’s really impacted me the most was my dog’s. :( Well, I am sending lots of prayers and love my uncle’s and cousins’ way. Hope that they will be well in time.