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I meant to elaborate on this more, but my thoughts are so fleeting. It seems as though, unless I get it all down at the moment when I am truly feeling these things, it will be awhile before I can stir up that same inspiration. But anyway, I was just thinking not long ago about the many gifts I’ve been given, and how to go about putting them to use...

I have all these talents, and I’ve been blessed with so many gifts. But I still have yet to accomplish anything with all that I’ve been given. I’ve finally been able to acknowledge these things on a personal level, and I’ve been able to show these things to my limited group of family, friends, teachers, classmates, and acquaintances. But I want to be able to reach a broader scope of people. I want to find out how to really get myself “out there”. Where do I go, what steps do I need to take? I want to put these talents to use. I want people to see me in all the many ways I can express myself. I want to share what I have. How do I do it?
Tags: career, expressive
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