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24 February 2006 @ 02:36 am
Hm.. my Aunt Ann, my dad’s brother’s wife, has cancer. And quite bad it seems. She had surgery to remove a polyp last November, but it was benign. Though apparently there was more which turned out to be cancerous, and it’s spread alot. So there’s not really anything they can do. It’s weird that they didn’t notice it sooner. They only figured out that it was cancer about a week ago. She was having pains in her abdomen, but I guess the tests all came out inconclusive. So.. now they are just trying to make her comfortable. In her own words, she’s a “tough old broad”, and their whole family has always been of good humors. They all live down in Florida, my cousins Leslie and Melissa, and their husbands, and Leslie’s two little girls. So they are all there for my aunt. I guess the seriousness of the situation took awhile to sink in for me. I had heard she was in and out of the hospital awhile back, but this revelation sort of came up suddenly. Hm.. yeah. It still seems kind of distant, as it’s hard to be really close to family when they’re all spread all over the U.S. But it’s still sad to hear.
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