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08 March 2006 @ 10:50 pm
*gasp* The Avs traded David Aebischer, our number one goaltender, for Jose Theodore, Montreal’s number one goaltender. I’m pretty surprised. They’d been playing Abby alot lately, and he’s been pretty good. He stopped all the shots he faced in a shootout last night. Theodore is pretty good too, though, but I wouldn’t have thought a new goalie to be a big priority. The trade deadline is tomorrow, dun dun dun... We’ll see if they make any more trades. Marek Svatos just got injured. *pout* But I don’t think it’s serious. Steve Konowalchuk and Ossi Vaananen are both out for the rest of the season though, so we are somewhat thinned out player-wise. Yeah, I would’ve thought we’d go for a forward or defenseman before a goalie. Oh well, we may still yet. *still thinks Miroslav Satan should get traded to the Devils*