Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Squee! Blind Guardian is coming to Denver at the Gothic on November 18!! Must go!! Yes, I realize that’s a long way away and things could possibly change, but... Blind Guardian! Live! And by then I’ll likely have listened to their new album (which is due out in September) a million times. And look: dragon! Hehe. *hops up and down, tugging on boyfriend’s arm* Yeah, you should ask for that day off way in advance... *nodsnods*

*didn’t realize you could get this fangirly about epic metal bands...*

Also, the Gigantour dvd is due out Sept. 5. Must get that for all the Megadeth/Dream Theater goodness! And, there will be a Gigantour 2 this summer, though they’ve still yet to announce who all will be a part of that. Maybe they will come to Denver this time? :)
Tags: blind guardian, dream theater, megadeth, music
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