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Gay Marriage

The Federal Marriage Amendment is soon to be voted upon by Congress. I just wanted to voice my opinion on the issue. (For the record, I am female, 21, straight, moderate to liberal, and Catholic/eclectic.)

I’m against the Federal Marriage Amendment for a few different reasons. I personally don’t see anything wrong with homosexuality. If two people love each other, what should it matter what gender they are? It’s love, and they’re consenting adults, and it’s their personal decision to pursue that love however they wish. Other people may not agree with it, but we can’t force everyone to follow the same set of standards. We are a diverse nation. We’re not all going to fit into someone’s ideal vision of how life should be lived. Live your life how you think it should be lived. And let others live how they wish to. Gay marriage doesn’t affect anyone except those getting married. There is no harm in it. So what is the point in proposing a Constitutional amendment banning it? They say they want to protect marriage. But what are they protecting it from?

The only reason I can see why this is even an issue is because some religions consider homosexuality wrong. But this is a country founded on the idea of religious freedom. People can believe what they choose to believe. Amending the Constitution to prohibit gay marriage would be forcing your religious beliefs upon others. Should we have laws banning the eating of foods that are not kosher or drinking alcohol and caffeine or having sex outside of marriage because some religions consider those things wrong? It is one thing to have your religious beliefs, but it is another to impose those beliefs upon others. You cannot make laws negatively affecting others’ lives simply because your beliefs and their lifestyles are in opposition.

(I was originally going to write up a whole “Abortion vs. Gay Marriage” thing to explain why I feel one way about one issue and another way about the other. I’m sure people could consider that last statement of mine hypocritical. In essence, it comes down to: gay marriage doesn’t affect anyone in a negative way, but abortion affects more than the woman; it affects the fetus. Then people will go on to say, “Oh, but a fetus isn’t actually a person...” but I still feel that it is. So, yeah, I feel that abortion is harmful, while gay marriage isn’t.)

So, why shouldn’t loving same-sex couples be allowed the same rights as heterosexual couples? It’s pure discrimination to not allow them those rights. And how can you deny a loving, commited couple the right to get married when any drunk guy in Vegas can tie the knot with a stripper he just met? Which relationship has more value to it? It just doesn’t make sense to me. And I don’t see why we should focus on an amendment that limits the rights of citizens, when we could be doing so much more to better people’s lives. Is the idea of gay people getting married truly that threatening? I would rather see effort spent on bettering education and decreasing poverty than on trying to pass an amendment which serves no real purpose but to limit the rights of gays. Doesn’t that seem like a step backward in terms of freedom, tolerance, and civil rights?

See what the Human Rights Campaign has to say about the issue:
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