Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Mm... Strawberry cheesecake ice cream... Better than I thought it would be. :) It’s like a strawberry sundae with bits of cheesecake in it.

I’m really disliking myspace. It’s so slow, and why must people put so much crap on their profile that makes it load even slower and look hideous? And I keep getting friend requests from bands who are halfway across the country and whose music I don’t even like, and from random people who don’t seem to have anything in common with me. And this guy sent me a creepy message hitting on me...

The Avs traded Alex Tanguay to Calgary for Jordan Leopold and a second round draft pick. Leopold is pretty good. He’s a defenseman. We’ll miss Tanguay though. At least Joe Sakic signed. :) I’m not sure who all will be free agents... Rob Blake, Dan Hinote...

I got a little catalog for a new-agey book club in the mail. One Spirit. Some of them look interesting. *ponders* Yeah, I can’t even go to a bookstore without seeing a million things I want to buy, hehe.

Chewy is laying in my lap. He wanted up here. *shrugs* We weighed him today, and he’s twenty pounds, hehe. Xena was around fifteen. Yeah, my legs are getting tired... *snicker*
Tags: hockey, myspace, pets
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