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15 July 2006 @ 04:04 am
New icons, new icons!

Also, I got my story back from Realms of Fantasy. No luck. Will have to try elsewhere.

Oh, and lookit the icons I’ve made! Some I decided to use, and others I didn’t. And others I’ve just made for fun, with no real plan for using them. I have subfolders for Lost and Nightwish icons, cause I have many of those, hehe. I have some more ideas for Lost ones (most of the current ones are from my tribute to Boone last season), but that will require looking up screen captures, which will probably take awhile. And, looking at my Nightwish icons, can you tell I like Tuomas? Hehe. I would’ve done more Tarja ones too, but seeing as though she’s no longer part of the band... Also, I have some icons that I can’t remember whether I made myself or if I stole them from somewhere... Mayhaps I will upload them and see if anyone recognizes them, hehe.

We opened our show tonight. I think it went pretty well. The crowd was laughing hysterically at some of the funniest parts, hehe. And we got to be evil and pretend we were going to kill them. :)

Also, I did some voice over work for someone at the school making an animated film. It’s in an ancient Japanese setting, and I voiced a young girl called Little Dove. That went well, too. I will probably need to go back in to record some more at some point.

And... that's all, because I'm sleepy.