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20 August 2006 @ 09:42 pm
Ha, I have mastered the art of memorizing a monologue in a week. Less than a week, actually... I went to my audition for Boys’ Life today. Had a bit of trouble finding the theatre, but got there on time. It’s just a small playhouse, smaller even than Red Rock’s theatre. I was very nervous though, silly me. I remembered it all, didn’t really do any blocking though. They were all very nice. I somehow got the impression that I wouldn’t be getting a part though, but we’ll have to see. I was probably the youngest person there. And I hadn’t read the play, although I’ve ordered both it and The Bad Seed, and they should be arriving soon. So, if things don’t work out with this, I’ll audition for The Bad Seed at the school.

Gorram it, ocd is manifesting intently tonight. Can’t stop touching things... I’m petting my keyboard, lol. And my mouse. I was visibly shaking when filling out a form at the audition earlier. *blush* Maybe it’s just excess anxiety spilling over.

Um... Oh, yeah. I was previously pondering deleting my Elfwood account for stories, as I’ve taken down so many of them thus far, and I may decide to try publishing some of the others that are up there as well. They don’t let you delete all the stories, but keep the account in case you decide to come back, do they? And, I’ve considered making a new deviantart account (never posted anything with the resplendentposy account, but I think I want a different name), and just posting all my stuff there. But... should I delete my artwork account on Elfwood too then? I haven’t updated in forever anyway, so I might just make the switch... or should I keep it up, um, for posterity?
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