Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Okay, I was too excited with how this came out, and I didn’t want to wait to post it on my new deviantart account which I am thinking of making. So, here’s my finished Angels Fall First drawing. This was a project for class spring semester. I had it all done except the text, and I didn’t feel up to drawing that, so I decided to add it in with Photoshop. I’ve been taking pictures of all my drawings with my new camera. Still have two more semesters worth to go. And this was all brought on because I started classes again, and needed to clear out my portfolio. I still have a couple more drawings I need to finish at some point. See, the good thing about deviantart is that I can upload my non-fantasy stuff too. I will probably pick out my best/favorite pieces to upload there then. Whenever I get around to that... I guess I should upload some of my older stuff first. I’m embarassed by a lot of it now though, hehe. And, blah, why can’t I be as good at drawing things from my imagination as I am drawing from life/photographs? Need to figure out the secret to that. *snicker*
Tags: artwork, drawing
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