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I wrote some in Stareleon today! Huzzah! They are now halfway through the battle. I shall force myself to finish this. Hopefully relatively soon.

And I made a new account on deviantart, though I’ve yet to post anything. But skimming through some of the artists’ pages I had saved from before inspired me to do a sketch of one of my characters. I have a lot of characters, and I’d like to get good drawings of them all one day. Tonight I sketched Minoch, one of my unseelie fae. And it actually came out pretty good, a lot better than some of my recent sketches have been. It actually looks like her! Hehe. I will have to do a big version of it, in which her wings actually fit on the page. *snicker* And I must figure out what to do about backgrounds... I’ve got another faerie pic I want to make a big version of, too. But that involves male nudity, which my boyfriend doesn’t like, lol. I’ve noticed I’ve been drawing a lot of faeries. I like atypical fae though, not the cutesy type. Mine are all either warriors or evil, hehe.

Oh yes, also finished reading both plays I ordered. I need to look through some monologues and pick out one to do when I audition for Bad Seed. I think I’d most like to play the mother, though the teacher could also work. The play is pretty creepy, although it was written in the 1950s, so it kind of has an outdated, melodramatic feel to it. And I sure wouldn’t fall for the little girl’s act. *snicker* I think the mother is the most sympathetic character. She ends up showing a lot of emotion onstage as she comes to realize her little girl is a ruthless killer. I kind of have mixed feelings about playing a main character with that much stage time though. But I should be striving for those kinds of roles, right? Auditions are Sept. 6 and 7, so I’ll be preparing for that, and working on homework, too.

Oh, and I wanted Chris to check out You can search the Denver, CO market for local casting calls. Does it look trustworthy though? I wish they had links to the theatre/company website in the listings so you could get more information. I’d like to figure out how to get myself out there and break into the business, but it all seems so huge, and I don’t know where to begin, what would be right for me at this time. Thinking about it makes me feel so small and lost. Little soul, big world...
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