Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Bands I must check out:
After Forever, Apocalyptica, Avantasia, Children of Bodom, Cradle of Filth, Dark Tranquility, Darkwoods My Betrothed, Dragonforce, Edguy, Epica, Eternal Tears of Sorrow, Evergrey, For My Pain, Hammerfall, Helloween, HIM, In Flames, Into Eternity, Judas Priest, Kamelot, Lacuna Coil, Manowar, Nevermore, Queensryche, Rhapsody, Scorpions, Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Symphony X, Tarot, Therion, Type O Negative, Within Temptation

Some I have already heard some songs of, but need to look into more. Anyone want to add some more/point me in the direction of some cool songs?

Just listened to some clips of Lacuna Coil and Within Temptation. Lacuna Coil sounds most like Evanescence/Nightwish. Within Temptation is more symphonic, and the singer’s voice is just beautiful.

Bah, I really wish I could listen to music on my laptop, but for one, it’s too slow to play music/videos without skipping, and also one of the speakers is broken and the other one sounds crappy. I should get a new laptop. *snicker*

Also, the new Blind Guardian album just came out. Everyone should buy it, cause Blind Guardian rocks. :)
Tags: music
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