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I got the new Blind Guardian cd today. :) Also got their second album, which was the only other album there aside from Somewhere Far Beyond, which I already have. And they had every Nightwish album except Angels Fall First, which is what I need. (Er, wait, they didn’t have Over the Hills and Far Away, but that’s more an EP.) I debated getting Lacuna Coil’s latest album, as I heard a clip of one of the first songs on that album that I really liked. But, didn’t want to spend too much. This is one problem with getting into a bunch of new bands. Then I will want to buy all their cds too. *snicker*

Mini-review of A Twist in the Myth upon first listen: Similar sound to A Night at the Opera and some songs are also reminiscent of Nightfall in Middle-Earth. Skalds and Shadows is easily my favorite, because I love their medieval-ish tunes. It makes me want to dance. :) Otherland, Carry the Blessed Home, Lionheart, and The New Order also struck me. Had previously heard Fly, Another Stranger Me, and the acoustic version of Skalds and Shadows. Also, there’s an interview with Blind Guardian as the last track on the cd.

Lyrics that stuck out to me:

I am the soul collector dressed in ebony

Will there be faeries or things to fear?

Speak to me, it all would be easier

Would you believe in a tale like this, a lay of bliss?

Songs I will sing of runes and rings

Dream in the shadows

The blood of sirens on my hands
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