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18 September 2006 @ 09:55 pm
My Nightwish wishlist  
Just saw that they have a Nightwish 2007 calendar in their webshop. Pics of album covers and pretty artwork. Must get. :)

Also must get:

The Once songbook (notation for all the songs from Once!)

The Siren single

End of an Era cd/dvd (Not sure if this is the same version available on amazon.com or which way would be cheaper)

I’m Your Angel strap top

Once girlie hoodie

Angel and Demon longsleeve shirt (This might be neat too)

Frozen flag (I think this is my favorite one, though I like Higher Than Hope and a couple others too)

And I applied for a job at Borders and will have to see what comes of that. It would be nice to have money with which to buy such things, hehe.

Edit: Bloody. Can't get the English links to work, cause it doesn't like ampersands for some reason. Oh well, have them in Finnish. *snicker* And if you'd like, there is a link to the left which will give you the English version.