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29 September 2006 @ 11:15 pm
I need to make a “Look at the pretties!” icon. I want this dress for Halloween. Oh, why do I feel the need to purchase things which I will hardly ever use? But... pretties!

I need to get a job... But most of what I’d look into doing requires that you know people. I asked one of our models for figure drawing how she got into modeling, and she suggested contacting someone at the Lakewood Cultural Center. But, yeah... contacting someone. Oh, I’m silly. See, this is why people like me become authors. Can just sit safely at home and write all day, then send it off to a publisher when it’s finished. And yet I have this strange passion for the performing arts. And with all the fuss I make over my appearance, I might as well let people actually see me. Bah, what to do...

P.S. My voice is sounding really nice tonight. I should record myself singing sometime.