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01 October 2006 @ 02:12 am
Hehehe, Josh Holloway (Sawyer on Lost) sounds like a cool guy. I am catching up on finishing reading my Lost magazines before the new season starts. Here’s his response to a question about the start of last season, in which he and two other characters were split from the main group, and new characters were introduced:

I loved that! I was really excited about getting to do that - when we split and did the raft thing. I was glad I was a part of that, even though it was some of the hardest work we’ve ever done because it was all on the water. So, coming back for the second season, we knew damn well that we were starting right where we left off, we were right back in the water. We started off the season with such a bang - I came cursing out of the water, screaming, and it’s at night and there was lots of swimming, and the bullet [wound]! So it was really an intense beginning, which I love. I love to be thrown right into the fire.

I also love working with Harold [Perrineau] and Daniel [Dae Kim]. It was really cool because it tightened our relationships as characters and also as people, which was great because I hadn’t gotten to do a lot of scenes with them [beforehand], except when we started on the raft. I love that it formed a bond between these three characters and it added a new dynamic to the relationships on the island.

And then, of course, immediately we meet the other people. I’ve been a fan of Adewale’s [Mr. Eko] for awhile. I followed him on Oz, loved him in that, and I couldn’t wait to meet the guy. And the first time I meet him... he smacks me in the face with a stick - that’s our introduction [laughs]! Great! So that was fun and we went right into that tiger trap. That was interesting because we actually did it in a hole. They dug a hole and it was hilarious because you have three actors, a cameraman, the focus puller, and the sound guy - they plopped us all in there! And it was like a pig farm because it’s kind of stinky and that mud is full of all kinds of stuff [laughs]!

Sounds like he has a lot of fun doing this. *snicker*