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27 October 2006 @ 07:01 pm
Murr. *grumps and sulks* I forgot about my appointment this afternoon and slept in too late, so I missed it. And we were going to try and get the alignment on our car done, but that didn’t work out. And my eyes are not happy with me, cause I messed with them too much and got flecks of mascara in them. So I took out my contacts and am wearing my glasses, but they still feel bleh. And I was mulling over college plans, but I think I’m ready to say screw it and just get my GED and go down to Metro and talk with a counselor there. And then hopefully I’ll be able to set a definite plan for what I’m going to do. And I should be working on my plays, cause I’m worrying over getting them done. But I just feel like grumping, so meh!
Current Mood: sadbleh