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16 July 2002 @ 09:34 pm
Back home, where I belong...

I really hate road trips, but I'm feeling better now. It was fun, I suppose. We stopped in LA and went to Universal Studios, which would have been fun, except I was feeling pretty depressed. Towards the end, it was alright though. We went to see the original Guitar Center, since my brother works at the store here in Colorado. They had a whole back room full of vintage guitars.. which was like walking through a museum. *snicker*

After that we drove up to Lompoc, visited relatives, went to see the flower flag (We had to hike about a mile up the hill, and my legs are still sore from that.), went to the beach.. which was cold... But, it wasn't too bad.

Coming back, we drove through Las Vegas, and my mom got to spend 20 dollars in the slot machines in Mesquite, since we were there on her birthday. They sung Happy Birthday for her at dinner though, so that was nice. :)

Four days on the road.. is not fun... Yet I have managed to assemble a quotefile of silliness specifically from the trip. Mwah.

"Marianne just invented the word silliness."
"It is a word."
"Oh yeah..."

"Or be a test dummy for a kick-in-the-face factory."
"They manufacture those?"

"Those desert crickets are nuts..."

And a sign that just said: "Alien Fresh Jerky". You try and figure out what that means...
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Current Music: Dream Theater - Home