Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

We went to see Blind Guardian Monday night. :) *hops* It was fun seeing them in person. Leaves’ Eyes was good, but I was feeling nervous/anxious, so I had a hard time settling down and getting into them. I think it was a combination of getting there a little late (my fault), having to drive around the block about 10 times to find a place to park, being someplace new, plus the crowd, and just nervous/excitedness of getting to see one of my favorite bands live. Oh, and I didn’t know any of Leaves’ Eyes’ songs, so I couldn’t really sing along or anything. I sang along to Blind Guardian though. :)

Here was their approximate setlist:

War of Wrath
Into the Storm
Born in a Mourning Hall
The Script for my Requiem
Bright Eyes
Skalds and Shadows
Time Stands Still
Another Stranger Me
Welcome to Dying
And Then There was Silence

Imaginations from the Other Side
The Bard’s Song
Mirror Mirror

It was great to hear And Then There was Silence live. That song is so epic. :) I took some pictures, and my boy and I each got a t-shirt too. Teeheehee. Fun.

Leaves’ Eyes:

Blind Guardian:

Tags: blind guardian, music
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