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Was watching a program on the evolution of species. It got me thinking about the issue of having kids, of passing on my genes. Not really something I’m inclined to do. But should I? In much of the animal kingdom, that’s the most important thing. But is it really as important for us now, especially considering the overpopulation we have today? The most important thing is no longer passing on your genes. It’s passing on your thoughts, your ideas, your creations. It’s your legacy. Your contribution. I have more to contribute than just another being who will create another being who will create another being... I can contribute the products of my mind, and it can perhaps have more impact on humanity than just another person. But then, I wonder, what of the contributions my line might make? It’s all chance though, really. I can’t base things on what ifs, because any number of things could happen. And I can only be responsible for my own actions, my own contributions. I must believe that whatever happens is what was meant to be. Even my own choices. I must take my own actions and be convinced that it should not have happened any other way. So there can be no ill done by my choice to not have kids, can there? Sometimes, that’s just the way things turn out, by one means or another. Perhaps it’s just how things were meant to be.
Tags: childfree, expressive, philosophy
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