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Meh, unhappy with my drawings from imagination. Especially when I don’t have a clear idea of what the character looks like. And I really shouldn’t compare my work to other artists’, cause then I just get disheartened. How do they do it!? Yeah, don’t think I’m destined to become an artist. It’s frustrating though, when I do envision something, but can’t get it down on paper. And I’d really like to be able to draw all of my characters decently, but it seems that I only manage to capture their likeness by chance. And yeah, I guess my drawings are alright, but I’m such a perfectionist. And it seems that other people have a much easier time of getting things to come out perfect.

And, bloody, I should’ve been working on finishing editing my play, but instead I was compelled to draw. Not that drawing is a bad thing, but it is when I can’t get things just right and end up sketching for hours when I should be doing other work.
Tags: drawing
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