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I finished Stareleon!!! *cheers and sings* See, I knew I could do it if I just sat down and did it. Tonight was probably the most I’ve ever written on it in one sitting. Heck, in one week, month possibly. Maybe playwriting class did help out with getting me to push through things and just write. Yea! :) And my boyfriend finally got his car fixed today too after it died on him a few days ago. Happy, happy, happy. Time to celebrate.

I’ll likely have a bunch of editing to do. Is anyone interested in reading it and giving me some feedback? It’s approximately 5,050 words. You’ll probably wonder why in the world it took me this long to finish, but the problem was that I simply wasn’t working on it. So, one thing I want to be sure of is the consistency in how it’s written, as I did write this over a long period of time, so the style may vary from beginning to end. Also, it’s intended to be written for children, but I know I use some complex words, so I may need to edit those or something. After reading, could you suggest what age level it seems geared for, and what might be too difficult for someone of that age level to understand? Also, I had some word usage issues, like when is it “amid” and when is it “amidst”? But, yeah, whoever wants to read and critique, just give me your email address. It would probably be easiest to send as an attachment. It’s a children’s fantasy short story where the main characters are animals. Lots of heroics and cute stuff.

Happy! I promised myself I’d get this done before the end of the year, so thankfully it happened. Mayhaps I’ll even be able to send it out before next year, although being the perfectionist I am... Well, we’ll see. And also, if anyone knows any good children’s book publishers, let me know. I’ll have to see what the market is like for stories of this length.
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