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28 December 2006 @ 01:46 am
Is there a name for a particular anime style? Here’s some examples of ones that I like:


I guess I like the more realistic-looking types. The big eyes just creep me out. *snicker* But, there are certain characters of mine that I keep picturing in these kinds of styles. I’d like to try drawing them, but want to see if I can find some more reference pictures. Any tips on where I should look or what I should search for?

Also, I found these really cool anatomical manikins in a catalogue from Jerry’s Art-a-rama. I think I will order a pair. They could really help me in getting more specific with my own poses.

Oh, and this was inspired by watching my boyfriend play Final Fantasy XII, hehe. Anime stuff reminds me of a story idea I have, that I could imagine making a comic out of (if only I could figure out how to make my characters look consistently the same from many angles). I’ve only attempted to draw Yana, and there are many experimental sketches of her. The others, I’m not really sure what they look like, but they’ve got the anime hair. *snicker* And I keep finding anime pictures that look a lot like Sathiel, my former FR character who I am planning to write a novel about. I guess he has anime hair too, hehe. And I have yet to get him just right, but maybe I will try some anime versions of him.

Oh yeah, and I need to update my deviantart page. I have these newer drawings I want to show off, but I want to upload all the older stuff first. I’ve managed to capture Celidie’s likeness, and close to Aleksey’s. Celidie’s appearance has really evolved over time. I should show you my very first drawings of her, haha! Done, like... six years ago... Wow, that seems so long ago.
Draco: Aftermathdracowayfarer on December 28th, 2006 09:11 am (UTC)
So, the more modern Final Fantasy style anime.

The big-eyes anime has a certain appeal to me (like in Neon Genesis and Record of Lodoss), but I do prefer this style also.

That third pic is an image of Dream from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman comics.

The elf girl at the end is awesome and very reminiscent of Deedlit from Lodoss, only updated and cooler. ^_^