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Get Cubed...

Picture in your mind each of the following, and write down what you see. Try to describe them in as much detail as possible. The statements and questions in italics are just there to help in case you're having trouble envisioning a particular item, but you may want to include them in your description.

If you'd like to find out what your "Cube" means, add a comment with your descriptions, and I'll email you or im you. I don't want to post the answers as a comment, cause I don't want to give it away for the other people that want to take this. :) Also, make sure you write your own descriptions before reading anyone else's.

Imagine a desert.
This can be a real desert you know, one you've seen in pictures, or a pure fantasy.

In this desert, there is a cube.
How big is the cube?
What color? What texture?
What is it made of (if you can tell)?
Is it solid or hollow (if you know)?
How far is it from you?
Is it sitting flat on the sand, or in some other position?

Before you go on, write down at least five adjectives describing your cube - the mood it conveys as well as its physical qualities.

Now, in the desert, there is also a ladder.
What is the ladder made of?
Where is it (in relation to the cube)?
Approximately how many rungs does it have - many, several, a few?

In the desert, there is also a horse.
What kind of horse is it?
What color?
Where is it?
What is it doing?
Does it have a saddle or bridle, or not?
If so, what kind?

Somewhere in the desert is a storm.
What kind of storm is this?
Where do you see it?
And does it affect the cube, the ladder, and the horse, or not?
If so, how?

And finally, in this desert there are flowers.
Where are the flowers?
Are there many, or a few?
What color, what kind?
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