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I rediscovered this picture of Squall from Final Fantasy VIII that looks a heck of a lot like Sathiel. I would copy it to make a portrait of Sathiel, but Final Fantasy is so well known, I’m sure people would recognize it. Also, I found a file in photoshop where I had taken the picture of Squall and tried adjusting the colors and editing out the scar on his face, but now I’ve discovered it has this weird grid on it. Anyone know what’s up with that?

Also also, I saw that someone had mentioned that Squall and River Phoenix had the same birthday, and I discovered that River Phoenix actually looks a bit like Sathiel too. Hey, maybe they modeled the character on him. In any case, I shall look for more reference photos then.

Ooh, bourgogne’s husband looks kind of like Sathiel too. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll manage to get him right at some point.
Tags: characters, drawing

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