Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Chewy chewing the nose off his new toy.

Caught Xena looking at the camera.

I think Chewy’s falling asleep.

My sister opening presents.

Chewy has his own couch to sit on. Hey look, there’s a reflection of me in the tv.

My little brother shows off his Beatles t-shirt.

Xena helping my mom open her present.

Must be something good.

O Christmas tree.

Stockings. The puppies loved what was in theirs so much, they sat under them and begged.

Puppy eyes.

Chris lying on Skeeter, his aunt’s dog, over at his grandpa’s house. No, he’s not flipping me off, he’s looking at a picture, hehe.

Skeeter gets love.
Tags: christmas, pictures
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