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04 January 2007 @ 10:52 pm
Let’s see what happened this past year...

January: Got my hair cut for the first time in like two years, auditioned for A Midsummer Night’s Dream
February: Got picked to play Peaseblossom in Midsummer, crisco747 and I had our first Valeversary, my Aunt Ann died of cancer, went to see 11:59 and got to see my name on the big screen
March: Recognized my inner kinkiness *snicker*
April: Performed in Midsummer which was my first play
May: Got a myspace account, auditioned and was cast in the RRCC playwrights’ show Weapons of Choice, sent in my Dominion and Dionae story to a magazine for the first time
June: Changed the layout of my journal
July: crisco747 got me a paid account, perfomed in Weapons of Choice, did some voicework for someone at school, celebrated birthdays, went to renaissance festival
August: More auditioning, made a new deviantart account
September: Just worked on school stuff mostly, slowly worked away at Stareleon
October: More of the same, auditioned and was cast in a short play for the directing class
November: Went to see Blind Guardian!
December: Finished Stareleon!, Christmas-ed with my family and my boyfriend’s, went to an Avs game with my little brother, spent New Year’s Eve with my boyfriend and his mom

Plus there was all my usual ponderings and little projects. School will be starting again in a couple weeks. I’ve been reading and trying to finish up as much as I can before then. Still have to edit Stareleon so it’s ready to send out. Preparing audition material for the RMTA convention that’s coming up at the end of the month. I’ve finished most of the pertinent chapters in my children’s literature book, but I’ll give the rest a look over. Also want to read my playwriting books if I get the chance. And still have some more ideas for icons to finish too. Hopefully I can go into this semester without feeling like I have all these lingering things I have to put on hold.