Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Went to auditions and callbacks for RRCC’s spring show. We should hear Sunday whether we’ve been cast. I had a lot easier time and felt a lot more comfortable. Perhaps I’m just getting used to it, or it’s easier because I know more people there now. I was sick, so probably didn’t sound my best, but I still got up there and acted and sang. Maybe that’s part of it too - my head was so out of it I didn’t realize I was performing in front of all these people, hehe. No time to be self-conscious when your mind is in a fog.

Also, Double Edge Films is working on casting for their new film. I think I will record something and send them a video. Will have to brush up on one of my contemporary dramatic monologues. And see if I can borrow some video equipment, or else just use our camcorder. I should buy 11:59 on dvd too, and run it in slow-motion and see if you can see me in any of the nightclub shots, hehe. I was an extra for that film a few years ago, and my name is actually in the credits!
Tags: acting
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