Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Wow, they play good music on KBPI at 3:00am. Usually when I'm driving home at 1-something they only play crappy bands that scream/grunt all their lyrics. And any other time during the day it's either commercials or them talking half the time. But I just listened to six songs straight that I actually liked!

First was some song I hadn't heard before but I liked. Maybe Korn or NIN or something like that.
Then some new RHCP song that was good
Then Staind - Mudshovel
APC's heavy version of Weak and Powerless
A Chevelle song I haven't heard before
And Mudvayne - Forget to Remember

Huzzah! We really should get the cd player put into our car soon though. I'm forced to turn the radio off at times for lack of anything good to listen to. What would be ideal would be to get an ipod and put every single song in the world I like on it and have it play at random. :)
Tags: music
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