Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

In music news...

Nightwish will be releasing a new single this May and a new album this September. And they are having a North American tour this fall, although they don’t have a Colorado date scheduled (yet?). They’re planning to reveal who their new singer is the same day the single goes out.

Dream Theater’s new album entitled Systematic Chaos is due out this June.

Iced Earth’s new album continuing the Something Wicked saga will be released this fall.

Whoa... Check this out... Black Sabbath/Dio, Megadeth, and Machine Head are touring, and they will be in Denver April 29. Must tell boyfriend, hehe! And Megadeth’s new album entitled United Abominations will be out May 15.

Also, Kamelot and Leaves’ Eyes will be touring together this summer, though I really haven’t heard enough of their music yet.

And, Metallica has set out to record their latest album. About time!

I’m probably missing some others, but yes, lots of happenings. Huzzah!

Now... I must somehow get money with which to purchase cds. I still have yet to get any by the epic metal bands I’d like to get into. Finally completed my Nightwish collection, but still missing the old Blind Guardian albums and a few scattered others.
Tags: music
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