Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

Well, the Avs will miss the playoffs for the first time since moving to Denver. Aw. Although Edmonton managed to beat Calgary, the Avs couldn’t get a point against Nashville, so Calgary clinched the eighth seed in the West. It’s too bad since they were having such a good run, but they did come close. We went to the game on Saturday and got to see Peter Forsberg make his return to Colorado. They had a video tribute for him and everyone was cheering, so that was nice. But then he had to go and assist on two of Nashville’s goals... *snicker* The Avs closed out the season with a win against Calgary tonight, which means they missed the playoffs by only one point! So close! But at least they ended on a good note. Joe Sakic got his 100th point of the season, tying him for sixth in the league in scoring. He was certainly our mvp this year. Plus, Ian Laperriere beat the crap out of Dion Phaneuf for a hit he put on Tyler Arnason, hehe. I think I’m going to root for Minnesota in the playoffs, or maybe Nashville too, and Buffalo in the East. They’ve all got former Avs players on their teams. And Martin Skoula is just so cute. :)
Tags: hockey
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