Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

1. What's your political affiliation?
Not affiliated with any party. I’ll vote for whoever’s views are most in line with my own. I seem to be moderate to liberal.

2. What's your religious belief? Describe your religious practices?
I grew up Catholic, but now I suppose I’d consider myself “eclectic” or “spiritual”. I’m in sort of a transitional/dormant state right now. A lot of the Catholic beliefs I held I’ve now disregarded or question. I haven’t had much time recently to explore other beliefs, although I’d be interested in learning more about Kabbalah. I agree with the Wiccan rede: “If it harms none, do as you will.” I’m not sure I believe in sin persay, but I do believe we should follow inherent morality. I hold sort of a Universalist view of the afterlife, in that no one faces damnation for their acts on earth; earth is sort of a learning experience and we are all here for a reason. When we die, our souls return to this other/astral realm which is timeless and incorporeal, perhaps another dimension or plane of existence. I’m still attempting to compose my thoughts on God. I do believe in a Creator, but I’m unsure just how involved he (or it, I don’t think God has a gender) is with his creations. Truly, there’s a lot we don’t know, but I’ve come to trust my intuition when trying to understand these things. I don’t attend church, but I do pray, and when I have the time I’d like to study other religious beliefs and try and discover my own truths.

3. What's your relationship situation? How long have you been with your current partner?
I have a boyfriend named Chris. I’ve been with him for a little over two years. Things are still sort of complicated, in that I don’t have strong feelings for him so I’m not sure if we should continue our relationship. But, he’s a really great and caring guy, and we both seem to tolerate each other, so yeah.

4. What's your pet situation? What are the names of your pets? How old are they? Do you like animals?
I have two dogs, Xena who is a pekingese/poodle mix and Chewy who is a pug. They are both about 2 1/2 years old. Yes, I like animals a lot, especially the cute and furry kind. :)

5. Do you have kids? How many? How many do you want?
Don’t have kids. Don’t particularly want any.

6. What's your opinion on abortion?
Against, except in cases when the woman’s life or health is in danger. I can understand the reasoning behind wanting to have the choice, but I still don’t think it’s something we can authorize. In short, I think a fetus should be regarded as a person and that abortion should only be used as a last resort when there are no other options available.

7. What's your opinion on the death penalty?
Against. I don’t think it’s justified nor remedies the situation, no matter what crime they committed. I’d rather see them rot in jail for the rest of their life.

8. Do you work? Go to school? What's the job/career situation? SAHM? Do you like your job/major?
I’m attending college. Thinking about going for a BA in theatre with a minor in creative writing. In the long run, I would like to become a professional actress and writer. I should try getting a job in the meantime, maybe working at a doggie daycare or vet’s office or pet store.

9. What's your opinion of stay-at-home-moms vs. working moms? If you're a mom, which are you? Which would you prefer? If you're a non-mom woman, do you plan to stay home someday? Work? If you are male, what do you think of women who stay home vs. work?
Whatever works for you, if you can handle both a job and kids then that’s great. I’d wonder what to do with my pets, let alone kids, were I a professional actress, especially if I traveled a lot. Guess it would depend upon what my husband did too.

10. What's your background? Are you similar or different than your parents? What are some ways you've changed from what you were as you grew up?
My background? Mm... Second oldest in a pretty nice family, Catholic and conservative, middle-class. I have an older brother and a younger sister and brother. We had our fights as kids, but we all get along pretty well now. I was always extremely introverted and shy, which has affected my socializing and views of self. I kind of existed in my own little world, supported by my imagination and my feelings. I’d say I’m pretty different from my parents. My mom is much more people-oriented, and my dad is a “thinker” rather than a “feeler”. But my dad and I are similar in regards to musical inclinations and getting lost in our own projects. I’ve tended to need my own space, and even with my family I’m not very open about myself. I’ve most notably changed my religious and political views. I’ve become the liberal artist of the family. I’ve also grown in understanding, especially of myself. I’m finally starting to figure out this whole socializing thing, though it takes effort, and I’m still sometimes bothered by the “fake” feeling it has. Overall, I feel that I’ve had positive change in my life though, so I’ll just have to keep working at things until I get to where I want to be.
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