Marianne (resplendentposy) wrote,

I look at other people’s amazing artwork, I read my magazine about medieval fantasy, I see other people’s books out there, I see epic movies, I listen to music that I love with great melodies and lyrics, and I get this huge inspiration, this desire to express my passion for these things and bring my own ideas to life. I want to be able to capture my characters just as well, to design such perfect compositions. I want to be able to express the ideas in my head. I want to bring these things that are mine to life, to turn them into something others can appreciate. But yet, it’s frustrating because I either can’t get it to come out right, or else I don’t have the time or resources to work on them. So they just stay in my head, and I spend more time dreaming about them than actually working on them. So how do I fix that?

I guess with drawing, I just have to practice and find resources to help me get better. And for all my stories, I think I will have to just write out as much as I can about the developing ideas I have, make sort of a synopsis for each of them. That way I’ll at least have something tangible I can work from. And I don’t know what I’ll do with this idea of starting a band someday. I guess I’ll just keep writing down bits and pieces of songs as they come to me and wait til I’ve finished some of these other projects of mine. But I really need to start actively working on these things instead of just fantasizing about them. I want to make them real. I want others to be able to see what I see. Even though I have a fear of self-revelation, there’s something inside me that just has to get this stuff out there. Maybe it’s easier for me to express myself through art. But it’s like these are my babies, and I have to share them with the world.
Tags: art, drawing, expressive, music, writing
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