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Okay, mountains to the northeast, forest to the west and south. Mt. Never is Limet’s northwesternmost point. Past that is Human Land. Marie’s castle lies just south of Mt. Never. Farther south of that, near the border of Stareleon and Limet, just on the edge of the forest to the west is Bob’s house. King Sower’s castle is in the hills to the east and slightly south of Bob’s house. Toufar lies beyond the southern forest, directly south of Stareleon. Bob enters the forest to the west and ends up traveling far south until he reaches the woods just west of Toufar. Kayleen leads him east, out of the woods and into Toufar. Then they head north to Stareleon.

Got all that? Don’t worry, I’m going to draw a map, hehe. But I do want to give a general idea of the geography in my writing. I’ve drawn all sorts of tiny maps trying to figure this all out. But I think this is the way I want it. Unless something else comes up.

Oh! And maybe the Geesies could live in the western forest. That would sort of be on the border of Human Land. And Bob would better know rumors of things in that area.

I also decided that Stareleon and Limet need a river. How else do they get water? So, a river will run out of the mountains north of Limet and down into Stareleon. Maybe there will be a lake. The river basically bisects Limet and sort of makes a moat-like boundary around King Sower’s castle. I see his castle as being this kind of fortress up on a hill and well-protected by the natural terrain. Marie’s castle should be protected somehow as well, sort of guarding the boundary to the Human Land. Basically no one lives or goes beyond the castle, and Mt. Never is the final “point of no return”.

Now, I have to figure out how to incorporate all this description while also getting right into the story and grabbing readers’ interest.
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